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Income...A Healthy Business ....Helping Others to Better Health   
This Business Opportunity has been chosen for the following criteria:

*  Low start-up cost  :  * Quality of Company/Products/Ethos  :  * Create an Income
and you achieve more Success by helping others be Successful
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LifeVantage is an innovative, science-based nutraceutical company dedicated to helping people achieve healthy living through a combination of scientifically validated products and an attractive business opportunity. We help people become better, creating and living a legacy, and living a life of purpose by helping others improve their physical and financial health.
Protandim acts much like LifeVantage: they both help people to become better. Protandim, the Nrf2 Activator, works to help your body do what it is already programmed to do. At LifeVantage, were working to help you become better, to maximize your potential using the traits, talents and unique genetic characteristics that make you the person you are deep inside.
We also have the Nrf1 Synergiser for your Mitrochondria.  When mitochondria are doing their job, your cells can do theirs. But when oxidative stress and time kick in, mitochondria decline, ATP production (energy) suffers, and your cells cant keep up. The process is a cellular snowball effect that creates even more oxidative stress. Eventually, your overall health starts to decline. You feel tired, and its a sign of mitochondrial decline.

Using nutrigenomics, our research shows that keeping your mitochondria functioning at peak performance starts with the NRF1 pathway. Activating that pathway, it turns on mitochondrial function and biogenesis. Protandim NRF1 Synergizer makes you feel more active, alert, and younger.
Our team of dedicated professionals stands ready to help you change your life. Were with you every step of the way, supporting you as you share LifeVantage products and the LifeVantage business opportunity. We are here to help you build your team and make yourself, your life and the world better.