...are inevitably about Happiness.  We want to experience Happy Relationships, and I think the best author on the subject is
Andrew Matthews.  His books are informative yet full of humour...and are very readable by all age groups. Every home should have at least ONE!
However...we can all have disagreements,  tensions, arguements and fall-outs ...and sometimes we don't have the skills to resolve the situation - so the MAGIC of MAKING UP provides you with a 'must have' resource of information to give you these skills.
1000 COUPLES questions "An estimated 83% of divorces would not take place if couples asked each other the right questions"

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According to John H "There are only 3 problems -
money, health and relationships.
Now, in just 3 minutes, with only 3 steps,
you can solve your problems and achieve lasting success." 
The PowerPause is a simple, 3-minute, 3-step formula that has the power to generate success and happiness... by making it easy to reduce stress and resolve money, health or relationship problems.
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